Open Payment Link with Stripe

Henry Mathias
Open Payment Link with Stripe

TL;dr If you wish to create your own Stripe Open Payment Link, like, you can use

One killer feature that Stripe hasn't made is a response to, this would be when the end client or user could enter the amount and continue to pay that amount.

It would be great if you could have the option to do this, so we built it! TillyPay is a verified Stripe Partner, this means we can control your Stripe platform on your behalf adding this much needed Open Pay Link. We call it OpenPay.

Introducing OpenPay

OpenPay will allow your customers to write in exactly amount they wish to pay and in the currency they wish to pay in.

You also operate this under your own domain rather than using ours. could lead to the page like below:

Example of an Open Payment Link for Stripe

The payment will be entered and created into your existing Stripe dashboard.

Payment Methods
We allow any payment method that Stripe uses, including Apple & Google Pay, you can see this above under the "Pay Now>" button will lead them to any system that they currently have installed on their system.

This is a lot more variety than PayPal's system, under business transactions this solution is cheaper.

Free to try out

To get started with TillyPay's OpenPay system, head over to our web app and get started

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