Collecting payments on Zoom for webinars, lessons or consulting.

Henry Mathias
Collecting payments on Zoom for webinars, lessons or consulting.

It's 2020, Zoom has become a lifeline for many families, friends & in many cases - livelihoods.

Schools, Events, Companies, Universities, Personal Trainers, Life coaches are a few examples of those who have switched to the Zoom Platform in switch everything virtual. The effects will undoubtedly beyond COVID and into the new norm.

Collecting payments is vital in supporting those whose industires can be somewhat restarted using the vitual means for broadcast. Many find this way of communicating & networking more beneficial than before, time spent travelling across a city or going to another country. Zoom has allowed us to network without the means of physical contact.

This also means payment goes wireless and payments without card machines is much easier than you think!

Zoom wasn't entirely preprared for such an influx but recently caught up with a new platform called OnZoom, an open marketplace where users can advertise their services and sell them.

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Collecting payments for Zoom Calls

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However, this won't fit all shapes & sizes when it comes to just accepting a singlar payment for a service, a lesson or advice on that upcoming exam.

At TillyPay, collecting payments by the most simplest means is at the core of value offering. You can collect any sort of payment agreement with whomever in just a few clicks.

  1. Sign Up for a TillyPay Account ~ 5 minutes
  2. Create a Payment Link, like this one - 1 minutes
  3. Get a notification when the payment is made!

You can send over the link:

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Collecting more information

Using TillyPay's custom field feature, you're able to branch out and provide more information on the upcoming webminar and collect more details from the customer themselves.

Once they've paid, all their details will show inside of your TillyPay Dashboard.

Multiple Payment Options

We live in a world where not everyone has access to a PayPal account, but you'll find that a lot of people will have access to a debit or credit card & even Apple or Google Pay - making it super simple for them to pay.