How much does TillyPay cost?

Henry Mathias
How much does TillyPay cost?

The purpose of this post to explain why/how we came to our pricing model.

The purpose of reducing the transaction volume to 0% was that as a payment platform we didn't like the idea of disencouraging more volume being processed.

Other providers such as Memberful or Pateron go for up to 12% plus Stripe fees or Memberful is at 10%.  We want to make a deal where purchasing PRO, you can drop the transaction fee together.

Here's some examples ($):

Once you go over $10k, we have to reach out for a custom plan.
Feel free to get in contact with us about that.

By purchasing PRO, you're gaining access to our homemade features & supporting TillyPay to build further, better and in line with the community's desires.

We want to remove the ongoing transaction fee & focus on building a great platform for our userbase.