A Simple Billing Solution for Businesses

Luke Riley
A Simple Billing Solution for Businesses
If you’re on the hunt for an online billing solution for your website, look no further than TillyPay to help with that.

The trend towards e-commerce is likely to continue as businesses and consumers have embraced going digital. This digital transformation is a must for any entrepreneur or business who wishes to remain relevant. Yet, the prospect of setting up a website with an online billing solution that is unique to the needs of a business does seem like a daunting task. But it really shouldn't be this way.

TillyPay allows its users to fulfil their billing needs with only a few lines of code. This is due to an innovative design which extracts the best aspects Stripe's payment infrastructure. Invoice payments, recurring subscriptions, or even a donation button can all be set up without any developer expertise.

Regardless of whether you’re looking to pivot your existing business or are seeking inspiration for your next venture, here are different billing ideas that TillyPay can help you get started with.

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Subscriptions / Packages with Extras

A subscription-based business model makes it easier to maintain customer loyalty by encouraging both parties to maintain a long term relationship. Recurring revenue models such as subscriptions with addable extras are hugely popular as savvy business owners look to subscriptions in an aim to productize their service. It may seem far-fetched, but even traditional businesses can structure their payment options like a product.  

Whether it is monthly, quarterly, or even yearly recurrence, you have the flexibility you need to bill your customers in an easy and timely manner. With TillyPay, you'll be confident that your customers will be billed automatically.

Trial Memberships

TillyPay users have had great success with trial memberships as means to grow the revenue of their businesses. These types of offers have a long and successful history of introducing people to products and services with global companies like Netflix, Beebs and NordVPN adopting this strategy.

One-Off Payments

Having a clean, hassle-free checkout page is a necessity for any website or marketplace. Customers are quick to abandon their cart at the first sign of inconvenience. Since TillyPay utilises the payment infrastructure offered by Stripe, users can ensure that their customers have an easy pathway to finish their purchase.

Not only are credit cards an excepted payment method, but Stripe lets customers use Google & Apple Pay. With a growing number of smart phone adoption across the globe, offering this feature only makes sense in the digital age.

Donation Button

The recent growth of the digital and e-commerce sector has been unparalleled as more companies depend upon online payments to conduct their business. Not-for-profit organisations and religious institutions aren't being left behind with many adopting services to accept money remotely.

The utilisation of an online donation button is an innovation not to look over. In just one click, followers can continue to help their favourite not-for-profit organisations pursue their objectives.

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How to get started with TillyPay

With TillyPay, you can begin accepting payments with a simple web link. It really doesn’t get any easier than this. You can set up a Stripe account with TillyPay in a matter of minutes with no prior coding experience.

If you like the sound of that, look at how our system works or check out our pricing.

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