Stripe is available in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Luke Riley
Stripe is available in the United Arab Emirates (UAE)
In this article, we take a look at how the launch of Stripe in the UAE will improve the fortunes of businesses who operated within the Middle East

In news that will cause a major shake-up in the e-commerce market in the Middle East, Stripe is launching in the United Arab Emirates as of May 2021. Businesses that operate online within the country will now be able to use the platform to accept online payments.

As a serious indicator of the company's intent, Dubai has been chosen as the city of its new regional headquarters. The choice of Dubai as the starting point of expansion in the region wouldn't surprise too many considering the UAE's booming digital economy which is attracting the attention and investment from major fintechs firms and start-ups.

The online payments company has long had its sights set on the Middle East and North Africa as it looks to build momentum following recent successful launches in Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.

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Why is the launch of Stripe so important for UAE businesses?

As one of one of the world's most valuable private fintech firms, the presence of Stripe in the UAE will accelerate the growth of e-commerce in the region. Since launching in the United States over a decade ago, the Stripe payment platform has revolutionised the online payment market with its ease of use, customer service and competitive rates.

UAE businesses that adopt Stripe as their online payment platform will have an advantage over those who do not. Stripe makes it far easier for our users to set up and run their businesses online while also improving the reach of the business since they can accept payments from all over the world.

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