Stripe is in New Zealand

Luke Riley
Stripe is in New Zealand

A Better Payment Gateway Makes its Way to NZ

If you are a New Zealand based business or entrepreneur and are looking for a simple, hassle-free system to accept online payments, it's time to consider a TillyPay + Stripe collaboration.

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Since it launched locally in 2017, Stripe has proven to be the best product out there for Kiwi entrepreneurs and business owners thanks to its intuitive functionality and competitive rates. And now with the launch of TillyPay, integrating the Stripe payment system into your new or established business is incredibly easy.

With that all being said, let's run through the key facts that will make choosing TillyPay + Stripe a no-brainer for your app or e-commerce website.

Countries where you can get paid using Stripe

Why use Stripe over PayPal?

It's true. Paypal has been the most widely used third party payment processor in New Zealand for a long time. However, it would seem the company gained its large user base simply because it was the only big player in town.

Rather than innovate as the market leader, PayPal has done the opposite and have made it harder, costlier and riskier to accept online payments for those with a merchant account.

Although others have tried, Stripe has created a product that will give PayPal a genuine run for its money in the New Zealand market. So why is the Stripe product a genuine alternative for your business? Well, here are our three main selling points:

  1. Low Processing Fees: Unlike most payment systems, there are no setup or monthly charges to worry about. Stripe uses a pay-as-you-go fee structure with a 2.9%+NZ$0.30 charge for successful card transactions.
  2. Fast Payment Times: At the checkout stage, customers remain on the host site when making payments. PayPal, on the other hand, re-directs customer to the PayPal site to complete the transaction. This can be a turnoff for customers and lead to high shopping cart abandonment rates.
  3. Getting Paid: Consumers are willing to fork out the cash for a product they like, but they often face limitations to do exactly that. Stripe allows consumers to pay via domestic and international debit/credit cards, as well as Apple Pay, Google Pay, ACH, iDEAL and many more.
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Combine TillyPay + Stripe for Online Payments

At TillyPay, we've made it very user-friendly with a "2 in 1" implementation process. TillyPay has been curated to allow our users to abstract a layer from Stripe by providing a very simple dashboard to generate links for payment checkouts.

Here's how it could work for you:

  1. No Developer Needed:  Stripe is widely used in the e-commerce space but it is still developer-focused, so expertise is required. With TillyPay, all you have to do is copy a few lines of code and your payment process is set up.
  2. Getting an Invoice Paid: It doesn't matter if it's a regular payment or a one-off payment from a client somewhere in the world, TillyPay gets the money across to you quick and hassle free.
  3. Setting-up Subscriptions: If your business offers a monthly subscription for an e-service, this can be easily set up to ensure the money comes into your account on time each month.
  4. 132 Currencies: Your business may have or soon grow to have a global customer base, so it is important you can take currency in its many forms. Now you can since 132 currencies are accepted with our payment platform.

Start accepting payments straight away!

If you like how this all sounds and want to get started with a payment solution, simply open an account with TillyPay. You'll automatically gain access to a Stripe account, as well as all the benefits that TillyPay has to offer.

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