Get started with Stripe from Singapore

Henry Mathias
Get started with Stripe from Singapore

Here's the TLdr;

Singapore is long known as a prosperous nation with GDPs comparable to that in Western Europe. What's unique about Singapore is their international mindset and budding air transport & internationalisation of their country. A nexus for trade between China, India and the US & Europe.

Stripe went live in Singapore in 2016 and since then has seen strong growth.
Singapore is home to plently of subscription companies who have started using their platform to begin collecting payments.

Stripe supports both individuals and companies who want to kick-start their payment collection with little hassle. Stripe will accept Google & Apple Pay, with 90% smart phone adoption in the country it only makes sense.

Stripe also has flat fee, no matter the network of card provider your customer chooses.

Get started with Stripe without a developer

Without a developer, it's difficult to get your payments with Stripe setup. With TillyPay, we've made it super simple to create a Stripe account and get started accepting payments. No coding required.

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