The TillyPay Close - How Scott eliminated 30% drops in his sales funnel

Henry Mathias
The TillyPay Close - How Scott eliminated 30% drops in his sales funnel

First things first, who are you and what problems do you help solve?

I work with founders who sell, but don’t consider themselves “sales”people. I build sales teams and have a sales training/consulting/education business.

What pains were you facing before you used TillyPay?

One of the things I always teach my clients is to never end a call without a defined next step and the best next step is cash.

This is something I struggled with personally as I wanted to get people to make a cash commitment on the phone/zoom call.

I am not technical and frankly all the payment gateway’s interfaces suck for non-techies.

Previously I would get a commitment, send an invoice and hope they would pay the invoice asap. This meant I was losing about 20-30% of the people who said “Yes” on the call but didn’t pay the invoice. This is a really high number of people to lose, especially as each client is worth around $3,000 up front.

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How did TillyPay solve this problem?

By using your super simple payment link builder, I was able to get instant access to a safe & secure place for them to put a credit card in, lock in the deposit & create a recurring payment, making it incredibly easy.

TillyPay also allows me to operate in the currency my client is most happy with:

With TillyPay it takes all of 2 mins to create a bespoke payment plan for a new client.

By implementing TillyPay I am about to use the last few minutes of the call to take a small deposit and lock in an onboarding call BEFORE we end the conversation.

Since making this change I haven’t had a single person renege on their commitment to join the program.

Tell me more about "The TillyPay Close"

It's really simple:

It's a great way to test if they're ready to buy, to put their money where their mouth is. Many a time, I have a culture clash as I'm blunt even by Australian standards!
They don't want to tell me they're not interested there and then, but rather ignore my follow-ups as I waste time on them.

Without TillyPay -
I would be stuck using the old “Invoice-and-Pray” method.

Lastly,  TillyPay brought out their Pro Tier last month and I jumped on it.
Their interface is incredible and I want this company to stick around for the long term.

Scott runs Sales Mastermind helping founders build great sales processes.

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