Why we created TillyPay

Henry Mathias
Why we created TillyPay

Our first product, Beebs, needed a simple way to collect money from premium users who are willing to pay for extra features.

A simple €5 a month, collected from each premium user.

Here's what I found myself needing:

Each offering was a vertical:

What we knew:

We want to make it simple, strip away all the effort required to fully integrate and marry to a system. We want a rubbish collection company and a UX design agency to use the same platform. Any business that needs a super quick way to collect recurring revenues for whatever reason can now use TillyPay.

Make Stripe accessible to normal people. Allow them to use services that combat fraud, chase up failed payments and offer an array of payment options just with a few clicks.

Asking for a bank transfer.
We did some data scrapping on a few SME or individuals that we think would at least benefit from TillyPay: 58% of them are still asking for bank transfers!

Nonsense, surely anybody selling anything would like to greatly reduce the friction.
Can you imagine any tech company trying to sell you a subscription to some carbon neutral wood based machine learning scooter ride by asking for a bank transfer.

We want to bring the power of payment platforms in tech to the normal people.

Breaking up a payment
In our research, we quite happily found that many small time business offer a break-up of payments. If it's quite a big chunk, then it's beneficial to those on a budget to split that cost up.

Make it agnostic
We grew into making it a platform that cares about: functional design, security, ease of use and most importantly, the empower of our user base whatever they use our tool for.

Not another payment app.
Yes, but this does not require a network. Your clients don't need to download the app. You don't need a machine. You don't need to marry PayPal.

We'd like our tagline to be: "The easiest way to make money using the internet"
We were told that this flags a lot of spammy content. But this is our goal.

Company, NGO or Individual
PayPal & other providers care about the bureaucratic state that you are and tend to offer different pricing, features & tools depending on how you define yourself.
For us, you get the same access to everything, the state is a formality and up to you to sort out.

The world is going recurring

Photo by freestocks.org / Unsplash

We studied the trends of payment types, be it a single versus a constant agreement of set amount at  set interval. We do not need to look far to see this:

The Guardian, Verge, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Pateron, Starbucks, Sports Clubs, Meditation Apps, Yoga Platforms, YouTube Red, Banks, Insurance, sock subscriptions, audio books, contact lenses subscriptions...

It's time to give this power to the SME's & individuals of the planet.